Light at the end of the Tunnel

When you care, you are wrong…

When you love, you are mistaking…

When you protect, you are possessive…

When you try to converse you are obsessing.


Drill out your feeling, it weakens your cell

Measure your strength, you are not strong…

Dive deeper into the meaning of the consciousness you have lost

You help and are blamed for supporting.


In the shadows inconspicuously you thrive

but in the light you become lost

Dig the pit where there’s no descending

Life kills, reality lives.


Decide to not know much about your past

and live beyond my means…

I’m working hard to keep the bills in check

I decided to leave my past behind me.


Dealing with my painful struggle to let you know

you’ll never be with me until you know of my past

I survive and have suffered to get here.

But I breathe and develop with all my hard work.


I keep my head straight and steady

working it up to then to run myself ragged

Crying to release the pain in my mind

Reality keeping my emotions in check.


Ridding myself of such excruciating pain.

fixing my head and its aching

Feeling like this world is cruel and unreasonable

remembering life is so short and passing.


I must live beyond my imagination

You know more and how I might get there

Recalling my dreams, and there are many…

I now see the light at the end of the tunnel.


February 20th 2023 ( Solomon Lagoke and Geoff Stockton Collaboration)


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