My Mind

My mind to me a kingdom is;

such present joys therein I find…

That it excels all other bliss

that earth affords or grows by kind:

Though much I want that most would have,

yet still my mind forbids to crave.


No princely pomp, no wealthy store…

no force to win the victory,

No wily wit to salve a sore…

No shape to feed a loving eye.

To none of these, I yield as thrall…

For why? my mind doth serve for all.


My mind to me a kingdom is

a place I know like home…

Where I can be myself and rest

from life’s perils safe and sound.

The music that comes from its wings

will soothe the deepest souls…


A treasured place of inner peace

where my heart can be repaired and whole.


(Soloman Lagoke and Geoff Stockton in collaboration)

14th February 2023


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