Unsettling Change

Birds chorous about tranquil dawns

the inconstant Moon illuminates stirring water…

the winds of change are starting to blow

the weatherman frowns but rarely falters.


Humanity sings, or should I say

we cry together emotionally…

We laugh at our follies but about change,

we complain, and argue vehemently.


The river flows with a gurgling insistence

a wave becomes a horse riding out at sea,

The tugs are out dredging the sea bed

cleansing its silted up bay.


Now as I cry myself out in despair

the river floods through my tears…

I admit, then deal with,  my intermittent pain,

But never deviate from my path of years


Now that reality bites, I dive deeply into my mind

and find out there is a complexity to this ocean

Our lives are subject to ever changing tides

we need to accept the reality of emotion.


Solomon Lagoke and Geoff Stockton in collaboration)


27th February 2023


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